The obstacle creates the tension and drama inherent in the story; in many ways, it’s the glue that holds the entire story together.


The Notebook.  Millions of people loved the novel.  Millions of people loved the film.  With Cliffs Notes coming out on the novel in 2009, a case can even be made that it’s become something of a modern classic.  Nowadays, I’m fairly certain that when people look back on my career,The Notebook will always be wholesale nfl jerseys first in the list of work for which I am most known.  This doesn’t bother me at Sports all, by the way.  I’m proud of that novel for many different reasons, but that doesn’t mean that I fully accept the fact that I’ll never cheap nfl jerseys write a novel that becomes even more well-known.

Still, there was something magical about the story, and after finishing Dear John, I set out with the hopes of capturing at least a Turkey bit cheap nba jerseys of that magic once more, if only to show that I hadn’t forgotten why people began to read my novels in the first place.

The Choice was the product of those efforts.

Again, as with all my novels, one of the questions I must To first answer when attempting to conceive of a story is the “obstacle” that keeps the characters apart.   merakla The obstacle creates the tension and drama inherent in the story; in many ways, it’s the glue that holds the entire story together.  In The Notebook, the “obstacle” that kept them apart was two-fold; in the early story, it was Allie’s engagement to Lon; in the final section, Alzheimer’s kept Allie from remembering Noah.

With The Choice, I tried to parallel – not copy – those obstacles.  In The Choice, I decided to give Gabby a serious boyfriend, one whom she thought she would marry; in the final section, Gabby was in a coma, and Travis wasn’t sure whether she would ever awaken.

Parallels.  Not copying.  cheap nfl jerseys Close enough to feel superficially familiar, but different enough to feel completely unique.  And though I simply laid out my thoughts behind the novel in just a few preceding sentences, it took months to actually come up with the central thrust of the story.  It’s always like that though:  the idea, once expressed, seems obvious.  But conceiving the idea in the first place is often a long journey of frustration.

Once I had those elements, however, I wanted to make the story as original as possible.  Travis, a character inspired by my brother (before he got married), was nothing at all like Noah Calhoun.  And Gabby, inspired by a former assistant, was nothing like Allie.  Nor did Gabby and Travis have a “prior history” together (whereas Noah and Allie had fallen in love as teenagers).  The Choice was a contemporary story; The Notebook was more of a period piece.   The Choice was written completely in third-person; The Notebook was written in both first and Nfl third person.  Again, all these decisions were made consciously, so the story would feel fresh and new, while still inspiring the same sort of emotion prevalent in The Notebook.

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